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The Majestic Enger Tower: A Jewel of Duluth, MN

Imagine an idyllic scene where the air is crisp, the sky a rich canvas of blue, and the terrain beneath, a harmonious blend of the urban cityscape and untouched wilderness. This is not a fictional paradise; rather, it’s Duluth, Minnesota, home to the historic Enger Tower.

Perched atop Enger Hill, Enger Tower stands tall as a symbol of the city’s rich heritage and history, an homage to a bygone era, and a tribute to a generous benefactor, Mr. Bert Enger. The story of Enger Tower starts with this humble immigrant from Norway, who turned his fortunes through a thriving furniture business and bequeathed a substantial part of his wealth to the city of Duluth. His generosity facilitated the construction of the tower and park that we know today, both named in his honor.

Enger Tower

A five-story structure made of native blue-stone, Enger Tower, built in 1939, is 80 feet tall. The tower is designed in a quintessential Norman architectural style, reflecting the roots of its namesake, Bert Enger. The robust and sturdy structure represents the resilient spirit of Duluth and its people, while its timeless design adds a touch of nostalgia. Climbing up the tower is an adventure in itself, with each level offering a distinctive perspective of the breathtaking Duluth landscape. Once you reach the top, you are greeted by a panoramic view of the city, the great Lake Superior, and on clear days, you may even catch a glimpse of the Wisconsin shore.

Surrounding the tower is Enger Park, spread across 131 acres of land, complete with beautiful gardens, picnic spots, and hiking trails. Among the lush foliage and vibrant flowers, you’ll find the peace bell, a gift from Duluth’s sister city Ohara-Isumi, Japan. When struck, the bell sends a deep, resonant chime echoing across the park, symbolizing the unity between nations.

Apart from its scenic beauty and historical significance, Enger Tower has been an inseparable part of Duluth’s community life. Whether it’s the children frolicking in the park, couples exchanging vows in the picturesque gazebo, or families celebrating milestones, Enger Tower and its surroundings play a backdrop to numerous Duluth memories.

Nestled approximately 5 miles away from the heart of Duluth is a business that shares the same commitment to community as Enger Tower. BNF Roofing, a local family-run business, has been serving the people of Duluth for over two decades. This proximity has allowed BNF Roofing to maintain a close connection with the community and its landmarks, Enger Tower being one of the most notable.

As the sun sets, casting a golden hue over the city, the tower illuminates, a beacon shining bright against the night sky. It is more than just a tower; it is a symbol of Duluth’s enduring spirit and its unwavering commitment to its past, present, and future.

As you consider your next visit to Duluth, or if you’re already a resident looking to explore the beautiful history of your city, don’t forget to include Enger Tower in your itinerary. And, if while enjoying the panoramic view from the tower, you realize your home could use a new roof to better withstand Duluth’s seasons, remember BNF Roofing. With a strong reputation for quality work and a deep connection to the Duluth community, they’re only a phone call away. Reach out to BNF Roofing at (218) 461-3399 – they’ll have your home safeguarded in no time, just as the Enger Tower has watched over Duluth for generations.